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To Blog or Not to Blog...?

Posted on February 28 2017


To tell you the truth, I’ve hesitated about starting this blog.

As I’ve been working on the website for Lily & Fred, catching an hour here or there to update a product or upload an image, the ‘blog section’ (which I must point out - I requested to be added) kept staring back at me full of lovely ‘Lorem Ipsum’! I kept wondering if I should just hide it, or delete it…

I think in a whirlwind of school runs, nappies, laundry, admin and all the other things that make up family life I wondered if I realistically had time to do it!

I mean, what would it even be about? From my days dabbling in digital marketing, I know that ‘CONTENT IS KING’. If I don’t blog, I’m missing out, right?!  But then again, there are a sea of voices already out there…do people really need another person recounting tips for surviving multiples, or the next big thing in kid’s interiors?! Probably not….

I guess deep down I wondered will anyone even read it, or find it useful?

But then I kept coming back to thinking about the number of people who’ve offered me words of wisdom over the past 6 years and those who perhaps are now looking to me for encouragement. I am definitely not a parenting expert (far from it!), I am not a time-management queen who can tell you how to manage four kids and keep your house sparkling clean and I am not a style expert who will be able to sum up all the latest trends and innovations with editorial perfection. However, I am a mum who attempts to gives life it’s best shot every day, who is trying to embrace the season I find myself in and use what is in my hand to make a difference.

So here goes….check in from time to time and I hope you find something to encourage you.

Laura x


  • Angela Posada: March 20, 2017

    Well I just read it! I am sure your real take on life will be refreshing and inspiring to others.

  • Zoe McClean: March 02, 2017

    LOVE that you’re blogging too – well done! You have so much to offer, your story is important…it will bring laughter, encouragement and wisdom as you open up and let us into your world. You always live with an open hand ready to give out to others, and I’m sure this will be another opportunity for you to do just that – you’re inspirational. I can’t wait to see how all this unfolds! X

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